The Best Divorce Lawyers For Men

Divorce lawyers for menSidney and I were high school sweethearts. Right after our senior year, we lived in as a couple for two years, then got married when we had stable jobs already. Back in high school, Sid already had a “bad” image.

Yet he was cool and very popular, and belonged to our school’s varsity team. Sid also comes from a really wealth family. His father is a hotshot lawyer. We have been married five years, and are blessed with a beautiful daughter, and my husband dotes on her. Lately, Sid’s behavior has been getting erratic. He goes into savage mood swings, and has broken several pieces of furniture during the times when small things irked him and he blew these situations out of proportion. Then I was shocked to discover that Sid has been on drugs. How I found out? Simple.

I do our laundry and I found packets of cocaine at separate instances in either his jeans, jacket or shirt pocket. Things have gotten so unmanageable that I sometimes fear for the safety of my daughter and myself. I am seeking a divorce. Because my father in law is a very good lawyer, I not need to find a very sharp lawyer for divorce. I am afraid that Sid will never let our daughter grow up far from him. He doesn’t really care about me. I need a really good lawyer for divorce to ensure that my daughter stays with me. Please help me and suggest a good lawyer for divorce. Thanks.


Los Angeles CA

I sympathize with you Sherry. What you can do is to fill up the online question form you will find at this page. After that, please click on the JustAnswer box you fill find at the bottom of the page. You will find a more detailed response from a lawyer. This will include a phone number you can contact so you can talk to one of the paralegal lawyers personally.